Smart FX

The online trading solution for the bank’s treasury

Feature Overview
  • Automated FX Dealing System
  • Manual Pricing for Transaction Exceeds Specific Amount
  • Real-time Special Rate Pricing Engine
  • Flexible Pricing Engine with configurable margin formula
  • Position and P/L monitoring (Blotter)
  • Electronic trade confirmation /ticket
  • Risk Management / Limit
  • Research & News Distribution
  • Advanced Reporting and Executive Summary
  • Datafeed Source Options: Citigroup FX eCommerce FIX infrastructure, Bloomberg, and Reuter.
  • Flexible Interface Format: Adapt to existing application & mechanism: XML, TXT, CSV, excel etc; Adapter to middleware; Interface to Treasury System;Interface to Core Banking System


Improve Efficiency

  • Self motivated – Provide flexibility for Branches to adjust MU and can track their own profitability.
  • Automation – Low Value / Large Volume transactions can be auto-traded.
  • Empowered – Raised branch trading limit as prices are margin adjusted anyway.
  • Reduce Opportunity Loss – all calls to treasury & branches can now be picked up online.

Reduce operational risk

  • Credit limit check – all trades are credit checked.
  • STP of all transactions.

Reduce Transaction Cost

  • All transaction details are inputted at source; reduce processing error.
  • STP to Treasury Systems for Position Keeping, Settlement & Accounting.
  • Scalability – possible to handle multiple growth in term of transaction volume.
  • Reduce Telephone / fax cost.

Corporate Image

  • Standard price for all branches.
  • Provide a new sales channel for Treasury Business
  • Differentiate the service.
  • Better service experience – client are not kept waiting.
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