OBS Settlement and Trading System, is a web based, multi-entity, multi-language, global treasury solutions, Its designed with modular approach using J2EE technologies, Straight Through Processing, front to back, a highly open integrated systems.

OSTS Key Features

  • Wed Based, Multi-Entity, Multi-Language
  • Front to Back, Real-time, Straight Through Processing
  • Auto Feed – various trading platforms
  • Manual Deal Capture function for all Products
  • Generic Trade Confirmation and Cash Settlement Engine
  • Real time Consolidated Cash Flow Management
  • Single , Multiple Interest payment, Fixed or Floating
  • Non-deliverable contract for FX ,Vanilla and Exotic Swap
  • Complete Audit Trail for Static Master and Transactions

OSTS Front office

  • Pre Trade Limit Checking on Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Money Market
  • Auto Feed from Reuters Dealing 3000, Kondor Plus, and others Front End Dealing Systems
  • Maintain Online Consolidated Position on Cash Flow, Trading Positions
  • Online limit tracking -Counterparty, Contract Size, Daily Volume, Issuer, Fixed Income Category, Taking and Placing, Securities Position , Trigger Loss
  • Realtime Auto feed Market prices, Re-valuation andcompute Profit and Loss
  • Realtime FX Net Open Position, Auto generate PDN fileevery 30 minutes, send to Central Bank

OSTS Middle Office

  • User Parameter Limit Setting
  • Limit Violations Authorization
  • Fixed Income DV01, Trigger Loss,
  • Post trade Available Limit checking
  • Product VaR on FX, MM, Fixed Income
  • Portfolio VaR with user defined Asset Class
  • Performance Analysis
  • FX Position Market Revaluation, Trigger Loss
  • Bank wide FX Net Open Position, view PDN Historical

OSTS Back Office

  • Auto feed from Front Office, ensure Data Integrity
  • Auto default Settlement Instructions -Trade Confirmation, Cash Nostro SSI
  • Auto and Manual generate confirmation , Fax, SWIFT, Email
  • Option to Cash Netting Settlement, by counterparty, interface to SWIFT
  • Maintain Fixed Income Securities Safekeeping position by Custodian
  • Comprehensive reporting , including Transaction Audit, Profit and Loss, Marked to Market, Turnover , UpcomingSettlement / Maturity / Coupon Payment
  • Multiples options of accounting book -Trading, AFS,HTM, Hedging

OSTS Cash Management

  • Single currency with multiple nostro agent
  • Online update of Cash Flow balance from each deal transactions
  • Accept third party cash flow interface into OSTS , provide bank wide Cash Flow balance
  • Online cash flow balance and cash flow projection from all committed deals
  • Fund transfer between internal Nostro
  • Daily and historical Cash Flow balance view

OSTS Accounting Management

  • User defined accounting rules by product
  • FX, MM, Fixed Income, REPO, FX Option, Vanilla Swap, Funding
  • Deal Type : Taking / Placing, Buy / Sell, Repurchase / Reverse REPO,
  • Call / Put, Spot / Forward / FX Swap, IRS / CCS
  • Event types : Deal Date, Value Date, Maturity Date, Coupon Date, Interest Payment Date, Month End Date
  • Accounting Book : Trading, Hold to Maturity, Available
  • for Sales, Speculate, Hedging , Internal
  • Counterparty Classification : Interbank , Corporate, Internal,
  • Local or Overseas
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